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Music Education cover Music Education, Performance and Scholarship in Nigeria.  Essays in Honor of Achinivu Kanu Achinivu

Bode Omojola, Femi Faseun, Ijeoma Forchu and Bolanle Sogunro, eds.
Published by the MRI Press May 2023

338 pages, ISBN 978-1-9-345912-7

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Achinivu Kanu Achinivu, Emeritus Ikoli Harcourt Whyte Chair Occupant, University of Port Harcourt, is a distinguished university teacher, shcolar, and choral conductor who has helped to bring the music of ikoli Harcourt Whyte to global attention. He earned his first degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, before proceeding to Technische Universitaet Berlin (Technical University of Berlin) in 1973, where he obtained his M.A. degree in Systematic Musicology.

In 1976, he commenced his doctoral studies at Freie Universitaet Berlin (Free University of Berlin) and received his Ph.D. in Vergleichender musikwissenschaft / Ethnomusicologie (Comparative Musicology / Ethnomusicology) in 1978. Contributors to this book explore a host of interrelated themes reflective of Achinivu's multiple interests as a teach, scholar, and performer. Discussions focusing on performance practices and the status of musical performances in the music curriculum feature quite prominently. This is not surprising, considering his own interest in musical performance and its pedagogy. This book of essays is designed to honor him and acknowledge his contribution to African music pedagogy, performance, and scholarship in Nigeria.

Table of Contents ...

  • Introduction
    • Music Education, Performance, and Scholarship in Nigeria by Bode OMOJOLA
  • Part One: Performance, Composition, and Language
    • Chapter One: Pulo Ḍọkiari: Echoes of Africanism and Innovation in Contemporary Art Music Composition by Onyee N. NWANKPA
    • Chapter Two: Functional Aesthetics of the Music of the llís Yaghal Wus Festival by Ijeoma Iruka FORCHU and Inuwa NANPANG
    • Chapter Three: Musical Style and Political Discourse in Anikulapo-Kutiís Afro-Beat by Bode OMOJOLA
    • Chapter Four: Repackaging Traditional Music Lyrics for Sustaining and Projecting Nigeriaís minority Languages by Emurobọmẹ G. IDỌLỌR
  • Part Two: Performance and Pedagogy
    • Chapter Five: Ensemble Participation as a Key to Understanding Theory of Music Courses: Perspectives on Achinivuís Approach by Rita Adaobi SUNDAY-KANU
    • Chapter Six: An Appraisal of Nigeriaís Bi-cultural Tertiary Music Programs by Yemi AKPERI
    • Chapter Seven: On Hymn Tunes and Inaccurate Singing of Hymn Tunes by the Igbo-Speaking Local and Cathedral Church Choirs and Congregations of Methodist Church Nigeria (MCN) Conference Area by A. Kanu ACHINIVU
    • Chapter Eight: The Choir as a Medium for Imparting, Imbibing and Consolidating Acquired Musical Knowledge by A. Kanu ACHINIVU
    • Chapter Nine: The Travails of Performance in the Nigerian Music Academia by Arugha A. OGISI
    • Chapter Ten: Syllable Counts, Singability and Sense in Indigenous Church Song Translation to English: An Example of Ikoli Harcourt Whyteís Atula Egwu by Bolanle O. SOGUNRO
  • Part Three: Curriculum and Profession
    • Chapter Eleven: Exploiting the Entrepreneurial Potentials of the Music Profession for Self-Reliance in a Recessed Nigerian Economy by Oghenemudiakevwe IGBI
    • Chapter Twelve: Higher Music Education and Employability: The Nigerian Experience by Femi FASEUN and Ranti ADEOGUN
  • Teacher-student Narratives
    • Chapter Thirteen: Impact of Achinivuís Music Pedagogy and Performance on Human Capital Development in the Nigerian Music Academia by Emurobome G. IDOLOR
    • Chapter Fourteen: Professor A. K. Achinivu as I Know Him by Arugha A. OGISI
  • Appendices
    • Appendix I: Pulo Ḍọkiari Score
    • Appendix II: Ikoli Harcourt White: From Nothing to Something, From Nobody to Somebody, a Celebrity by A. Kanu ACHINIVU
    • Appendix III: Sir Rev. Prof. A. Kanu Achinivu, A Brief Autobiography
  • Index

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