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MRI Press endeavors to disseminate music that reflects the entire range of cultural perspectives. MRI Press welcomes individual essays, ethnographies, surveys, and monographs that demonstrate some aspect of the global impact of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century trends in music encompassing ideas and concepts that are timely, current, provocative, sensitive and possibly controversial. MRI Press invites submissions about points of view deserving wider international recognition beyond the confines of local and regional areas. While MRI Press publishes in English, works in other languages can be published in translation or as bilingual text. We also look for writings incorporating different perspectives about topics that long have been part of the music discourse.  

Schools, colleges, and universities use MRI Press publications as an educational resource. 

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To submit a manuscript to MRI Press, all categories will be considered although essays and monographs about music after 1950 are of special interest. Works translated into English and if appropriate, in bilingual format will also be considered. Previous publications have dealt with topics as diverse as music and cultural policy, intercultural music, music and gender, musical biographies, critical analyses of musical compositions, ethical dilemmas in musical negotiations, and the impact of war and revolution on music.

For more information on the submission of essays and book length manuscripts, contact:

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