Music Research Institute

Intercultural Music, Vol 4

Robert Mawuena Kwami & Cynthia Tse Kimberlin, Editors
Published for the CIMA by the MRI Press, 2001.
Cat No. MRI-0004BK 


114 pp, ISBN 0-9627473-3-5 $18.00 per copy plus shipping 



Title of Essay (Author)

  • Report on the 4th International CIMA Symposium and Festival held at City University, London (Akin Euba)
  • Transferring Traditional Music and Dance Strategies into Educational Institutions: Towards a Model from South Africa (Carol Muller)
  • NETIEM: Network for Promoting Intercultural Education through Music in South Africa (Elizabeth Oerhle)
  • Pleng: Composing for a Justly Tuned Gender Barung (Bill Alves)
  • The Intercultural Nexus Between the Music of Motown and the Beatles (Kimasi Browne)
  • Make Army Tanks for War into Church Bells for Peace: Intercultural Music and Other Symbols of Ethiopia in the 1990s (Cynthia Tse Kimberlin)

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