Music Research Institute

Intercultural Music, Vol 3

Cynthia Tse Kimberlin and Akin Euba, Editors.
Published for the CIMA by the MRI Press, 2001.
Cat No. MRI-0003BK 


271 pp, ISBN 0-9627473-2-7 $24.00 per copy plus shipping, or
$25.00 w/cassette plus shipping.

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Title of Essay (Author)

  • Making Mischief in the Melting Pot: The Intercultural Music of Don Byron (Barbara White)
  • The Encounter Between American Guitarists Kaiser and Lindley and D'Gary, The Malagasy "Messenger From 
    Vavarano" (Robert C. Metil)
  • Defining Indian South African Recorded Music: "Farooqi" Mehtar's Changing, Conflicting, and Multiple Identities 
    (Melveen Jackson)
  • Composition and Music Education in England (Susan Jackson)
  • Intercultural Music in Modern Egypt: The Third Generation (John O. Robison)
  • Analytical Issues Raised by Contemporary African Art Music (Kofi Agawu)
  • Japanese Drums Meet African Drums: A Cross-Cultural Study of 'Phonaestheitc' Aspects of Japanese and Fanti
    Music Cultures (Kenichi Tsukada)
  • The Craft of Karma (Valerie Ross)
  • Contemporary Music and the Question of Aesthetic Identity (John Baldacchino)
  • "Our country is a unified multi-ethnic socialist country": attempting musical synthesis in socialist China" 
    (Helen Rees)
  • Jazz as Intercultural Communication: Hollywood Images (Ursula Broschke Davis)

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